10 habits that make you less smart

The brain is affected by the things that we do (or don’t do).  If you want your brain to have the best opportunity to work efficiently, and to be smart, then these are some habits that you should avoid.




Lack of Stimulating Thoughts

Not using your brain to solve puzzles or figure out a problem can lead to brain shrinkage. Your brain responds to the demands you put on it; it is the reason why taking piano lessons or karate  – activities that require repetitive motion – will help to keep your mind sharp.


Skipping Breakfast or No Breakfast at all

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets the pace for everything that follows.  Not eating causes low blood sugar levels that can lead to foggy thinking and decreased brain function overall.  Not eating is like not putting gas in a car before a road trip.


Eating too much

Over-eating can happen when food tastes too good or we are served a larger portion that what we need.  One restaurant portion is usually enough for two meals.  Over-consumption of food can lead to elevated cholesterol levels, which can lead to hardening of the arteries.  The brain arteries, when hardened, can lead to stroke.


High sugar consumption

It’s not enough to eat just the right amount food … you have to eat the right kinds of foods.  Eating foods that are rich in simple carbohydrates, such as sugar or white flour, affects how your body absorbs proteins and nutrients.  Your body begins to go on auto-pilot and uses sugar as a fuel supply.  But the muscles and bones need protein and minerals.  Too much sugar can interrupt brain development.



Nicotine in cigarettes contains substances that can cause multiple brain cell shrinkage, leading to Alzheimer’s disease.


Sleep Deprivation

Many Americans don’t get enough sleep. Waking up feeling tired once in a while is okay, but if you have long term sleep deprivation, your brain can’t keep up the pace.  Chronic lack of sleep accelerates the death of brain cells. More cells dead equals more memory loss.


Pulling the covers over your head while sleeping

Air circulation is important, especially when we sleep.  By pulling the covers over your head when you sleep, you are increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide and decreasing the oxygen.  This can lead to decreased brain function.  A long-term habit of sleeping like this can increase your risk of developing dementia.


Talking Rarely

Stimulating conversations do more than keep conversations interesting; they help the brain become more efficient.


Working your brain during illness

If you are sick, you have to rest your body and your brain.  Stimulating your brain when you are sick can make the brain work harder and in severe cases can cause damage to the brain.


Air pollution

Guess what organ uses the most oxygen? The brain.  Because it depends on oxygen, it is also affected by air pollution, which decreases the amount of oxygen that the brain can get.


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