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I’d recommend this doc to anyone needing help or answers


What I appreciated most about Gentle Health and Wellness Center is that I felt the office was in touch with me more than the other chiropractor I had been seeing for years. I also feel that I now have a better understanding of my body. I was particularly pleased that I felt the doctor was really concerned and wanted to help. She always took the time to explain what was wrong with me and how she was going to help me and my overall body. The doctor even came to my office to see me. Immediately, she noticed that my computer monitor was too low. Since I moved my monitor to a more appropriate height, I can work much more comfortably without having the pain in my neck I used to have. Another benefit is I have learned about my bone structure, muscles and nerves. Because of my knowledge, I can figure out where pain is coming from and which exercises or stretches I an do to start feeling better without medicine. For instance, I don’t have to drive in so much pain even when my sciatic nerve starts to bother me.


– Jonathan P

Feb 4, 2012


Car accident


Two years ago, I was in a serious automobile accident. At that time, I was more concerned with the “known” physical damage, not realizing the damage done to my neck. Several months later I began having problems turning my head. Left untreated, the problem extended the full length of my spine and legs. Kneeling was a task. I found myself using more Tylenol type products. When I started having problems using my treadmill I decided it was time to get help. First I went to my own medical doctor who suggested I see a weight trainer. But through that experience I leaned that the problem was more than a problem with muscle strengthening.


A good friend recommended Dr. Del Monte. Being the skeptic that I was, I reluctantly decided to pursue chiropractic care.
Dr. Del Monte started an aggressive approach to correcting the problems. Her approach included a very thorough examination and regular visits for adjustments. She recommended that I prolong my exercise program until my problems had been addressed and corrected. Within two months I was able to start exercising again, this time without any discomfort or fear of doing something that would cause pain. She also recommended and guided me through exercises for strengthening my back plus a vitamin and mineral program. Wow! What a difference it has all made. I am feeling MUCH better!


Thanks, Dr. DelMonte!


– Alta P.

Dec 14, 2011


I should have gone here first


I have a really physical job, lifting things. I thought I tore a muscle in my arm when I tried to lift a piece of equipment. For two months, I had tried different things, even going to my family doctor. A friend recommended Dr. Del Monte and I was skeptical. I mean, what could she do that nobody else hadn’t tried. Well, I’m glad I went. Treatment was tough, but she said I had a lot of scar tissue in my arm. She worked on it really good and after the second treatment my arm stopped throbbing at night. It sometimes bothers me, but nothing like before. Next time I have a problem, I’m not going anywhere but to her office first.


– Mike P.

Sep 24, 2011


Finally, the answer I needed


I originally started seeing Dr. Del Montefor treatment of a chronic low back problem that can cause a lot of pain and limit my mobility. However, with regular routine chiropractic care at Gentle Health and Wellness Center, Dr. Del Monte has helped make a chronic problem manageable.


Recently, I hyper-extended my leg just behind the knee and as time passed the pain became so severe that it was difficult to walk without a walking cane. My medical doctor ruled out any serious problems and suggested that I see a physical therapist. I decided to discuss my medical doctor’s report with Dr. Del Monte. She knew immediately what needed to be done and outlined a three week treatment plan to correct the problem.


The results during the first week of treatment were amazing! I was able to walk without the walking cane and the pain in the back of the leg was drastically reduced. Following each treatment session, Dr. Del Monte listened to my input and adjusted the treatments accordingly. I could tell immediately after each session that Dr. Del Monte’s treatment plan was working. After the third week of therapy, the pain was gone and I am currently working on exercises to strengthen the knee area.
Dr. Del Monte is a caring professional that gets results, and I am so thankful that I chose Gentle Health and Wellness Center for my chiropractic treatment and physical therapy needs.


– Linda W.

May 19, 2011


Thank You Doctor!


I’m a massage therapist and I work with patients who have low back pain all the time. One of my clients recommended Dr. Del Monte when I was experiencing shoulder pain. During my evaluation, she asked me to show her how I stand when I work on clients and quickly figured out that my posture was a big source of my problem. Now when I work, I keep my shoulders down and it really helps! Plus, getting adjusted by her is always something I look forward to doing!


– Arlene S.

Oct 14, 2010


Dr. D Saved My Bacon!


Thank you so much! My low back was in so much pain I couldn’t stand up without feeling like I was about to pass out, the pain was that bad. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was scare, but Dr. Del Monte explained everything to me. She answered all my questions and I never felt like I was being rushed through like you can be at other doctor’s offices. Because of the chiropractic treatments I got, I was back on the job much sooner than I expected. She explained to me the things that can happen prior to my back going out, so now I schedule an appointment and I am happy to say that my back hasn’t gone out since!


– Amy D.

Jan 27, 2010