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Nutritional Counseling


At Gentle Health and Wellness Center, we offer holistic nutritional counseling as part of your Chiropractic wellness care.  For patients who are looking to improve their balance, health and vitality, what we eat can influence how we feel, both mentally and physically. It may be a clichéd expression, but you really are what you eat.


Weight loss assistance through our diet and nutrition counseling in Philly PA


Vitamin Supplements and Herbs


Our nutritional counseling includes personal recommendations of vitamin supplementation and herbs for various health related problems such as heart burn, digestion, or poor sleep. Vitamin supplements and herbal formulas can boost your cellular energy, support your immune system, and regulate your internal temperature. Using good nutrition, we can tilt the body back towards improved health.  When you combine nutritional counseling with chiropractic, therapeutic message, and acupuncture the results can really be astounding!


The Wellness Approach


Weight management and healthier lifestyle  As a physician whose goal is to help you attain your best health, Dr. DelMonte looks beyond the immediate site of pain and takes into account you as a whole; she will go over your lifestyle, activity level, and medical history determine what the best nutritional supplements are going to help you get better fast. At Gentle Health and Wellness Center, our goal is to promote wellness in all areas of your life. All of our services work together to help you make long-term lifestyle changes that allow you to enjoy the things you like to do, longer!



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